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… but I will be back very soon.

Here’s a photograph of Karl Marx’s grave at Highgate Cemetery for now:

Karl Marx - Highgate Cemetery


I’ve been away this week, not physically, mentally.  Not only did I have a very worrying hospital appointment (no worrying now – all clear – YAY!) but we also got the call at work on Monday – Ofsted were coming!  Cue: frantic tidying of classroom, marking books up to date, getting lesson plans written AND a parents’ evening.  I calculated that with traveling to and from work I put in 51 hours work in 3 days!  I was observed for 10 minutes!  The inspector didn’t even look at my books, at my lesson plan or talk to my students.  Ah well, it was all worth it, we came out as ‘Good with Outstanding Features’.  We were told that if we had been under the old framework (which changed this month) we would have been Outstanding!  Such good news.

So anyway – I’ve had no time to eat, let alone update this.  So I’ve got a photo of how my shoulders are feeling at the moment.  As though a tree is bearing the weight of its existence on my shoulders.
Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery, London UK