I’ve been away this week, not physically, mentally.  Not only did I have a very worrying hospital appointment (no worrying now – all clear – YAY!) but we also got the call at work on Monday – Ofsted were coming!  Cue: frantic tidying of classroom, marking books up to date, getting lesson plans written AND a parents’ evening.  I calculated that with traveling to and from work I put in 51 hours work in 3 days!  I was observed for 10 minutes!  The inspector didn’t even look at my books, at my lesson plan or talk to my students.  Ah well, it was all worth it, we came out as ‘Good with Outstanding Features’.  We were told that if we had been under the old framework (which changed this month) we would have been Outstanding!  Such good news.

So anyway – I’ve had no time to eat, let alone update this.  So I’ve got a photo of how my shoulders are feeling at the moment.  As though a tree is bearing the weight of its existence on my shoulders.
Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery, London UK



The first week back at work, despite only having 3 days with the children in, has been positively exhausting.  I’ve only have a few hours spare to myself all week and that’s been spent avoiding computer screens and just zoning out on the sofa.

However this morning I did manage to look through some of the photographs from our visit to the Woolwich cemeteries last week.  I will hopefully post a proper blog about this visit tomorrow however here are a few photographs to whet your appetite!

These photographs seemed to have been lost within the depths of my hard-drive.  I discovered them yesterday in a spate of insomnia.

I visited Lambeth Cemetery along with a couple of friends, one of whom was researching Coade Stone and apparently there was some Coade stone in the cemetery (I don’t think we ever found it).

I don’t remember much about the cemetery, although I remember I was ‘zipped’ around it quite quickly, hence why I tend to prefer to visit them alone or with Mr LN, I need time to get a feel of the cemetery and a time to take the photographs!

You can find the full album here: Lambeth Cemetery – visited 4/8/08

A couple of days ago I was at a friend’s for a Christmas get-together.  As usual, his Christmas was spent in the cemetery seeing his grand-mother and now, it seems, other members of the family that they’ve found buried there.  I always assumed that this family ritual occurred outside of London and then he revealed to me that, in fact, these relatives are buried at the City of London Cemetery – and his grandmother is actually buried opposite one of my ‘favourite’ graves in London – that of Gladys Spencer:
City of London Cemetery - Visited 27/7/06As I’m having difficulty sleeping tonight with the unfortunate sirens screaming up and down our streets (ahhh don’t you just love New Year’s Eve?) I thought I’d hunt out some of my photographs taken in 2006 when I visited the City of London Cemetery.

I remember the day really clearly – it was boiling hot and I was at the start of the summer holidays.  Later in the day I was meeting a friend for a drink, but until then I spent a very hot day in the cemetery, cameras in hand (I had my Diana F with me but I’m not sure what happened to those photographs) and at peace.  I left the cemetery when a funeral came through.  I may have a morbid fascination with death however I know when to leave a grieving family in peace – believe me – there are those that don’t!

So here are some of the photographs from that visit:

You can see the rest of the album here.