Happy New Year and a return to the archive

A couple of days ago I was at a friend’s for a Christmas get-together.  As usual, his Christmas was spent in the cemetery seeing his grand-mother and now, it seems, other members of the family that they’ve found buried there.  I always assumed that this family ritual occurred outside of London and then he revealed to me that, in fact, these relatives are buried at the City of London Cemetery – and his grandmother is actually buried opposite one of my ‘favourite’ graves in London – that of Gladys Spencer:
City of London Cemetery - Visited 27/7/06As I’m having difficulty sleeping tonight with the unfortunate sirens screaming up and down our streets (ahhh don’t you just love New Year’s Eve?) I thought I’d hunt out some of my photographs taken in 2006 when I visited the City of London Cemetery.

I remember the day really clearly – it was boiling hot and I was at the start of the summer holidays.  Later in the day I was meeting a friend for a drink, but until then I spent a very hot day in the cemetery, cameras in hand (I had my Diana F with me but I’m not sure what happened to those photographs) and at peace.  I left the cemetery when a funeral came through.  I may have a morbid fascination with death however I know when to leave a grieving family in peace – believe me – there are those that don’t!

So here are some of the photographs from that visit:

You can see the rest of the album here.


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